Given that there are so many incredible organizations at the University of Michigan, it's sometimes difficult to differentiate.  These are the core qualities that we believe make us unique. 

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We are the original undergraduate consulting organization at the University of Michigan. 15 years of institutional knowledge has enabled us to consistently enhance both our project experience and professional development resources while establishing a well-respected brand among industry professionals. 



One of the aspects in which BOND prides itself most is the close-knit and supportive community our members form. Through biweekly restaurant-catered meetings, monthly social events, and our annual Chicago trip, we strive to be a family as much as a consulting group.

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A characteristic of our work that makes BOND unique is our focus on impact. We work only with the top executives of local small businesses and non-profits. And we never charge our clients. This approach enables our recommendations to be immediately actionable and for us to see the results of our work in the local economy. 


Career trajectory

The opportunities available to BOND members are truly exceptional. Our members have consistently placed into careers of their choices, joining top consulting, finance, and tech firms, or even starting their own multi-million dollar startups. In addition to traditional junior-year internship and full-time recruiting, BOND has a strong track record of sophomore internships as well.

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