BOND Candidates:

First off, thank you for your interest in joining BOND. The beginning of each semester is one of our favorite times of year as we are able to open our doors to the rest of the University and welcome our newest crop of consultants to the BOND family. Each year we are blown away by the sheer number of intelligent and driven individuals this University has to offer.

When I joined at the beginning of my freshman year, I was not 100% sure what I was getting myself into. Six semesters later, however, I can confidently say that BOND has been the single most transformative experience during my time at Michigan. The quality of the experience that this club has to offer is simply incomparable to that of any other on-campus organization.

At its core, this club is made special by its members. They are some of the most passionate, diverse and creative individuals at this University and comprise the lifeblood of this club. They construct the experiences that makes this club so valuable, whether it be through our client work or professional development. 

It is because of our members that we are able to do what we do. The problems that we undertake are always challenging, and our success in tackling them is predicated on the character of the members that we have. If you are admitted, our promise to you is to is that we will push you to the limits of your analytical ability and empower you to make the type of decisions normally reserved for company executives. 

We look for a number of qualities in our new members, however, none is more important than passion: passion for this club, passion for learning, passion for problem-solving.  We pride ourselves on always over-delivering for our clients and thus passion is critical to sustaining the quality of work that our clients have come to expect.

All of us are eager to get to know each of you in the coming weeks. I encourage you to attend one of our mass meetings and get to know our members. We will be more than willing to talk more about our BOND experiences, as well as provide advice on your application. Good luck, and I look forward to meeting you all soon!



Hussein Hakim