Application process

1. Learn about BOND through Festifall, BBA Meet the Clubs, and through our website.

2. Fill out an application by Wednesday, September 18th at 11:59 PM

3. First & Second Round Interviews


Contact our VP of Recruitment - Aditi Mahajan - at or Development Leader - Claire Westerlund - at

Application tips 

There is no "checklist" for what makes a good candidate in our application process. Rather, we look at each application holistically. Ultimately, we are seeking to admit a cohort of new members that is intelligent, creative, and can contribute a diverse perspective to our club.

That being said, some elements that we look for in all our candidates are:

  • Excellence both academically and in extracurricular activity

  • Demonstrated problem-solving instincts

  • Leadership with a predisposition toward impact-oriented work

  • Genuine interest in what makes BOND unique

Case Interview TIPS

What is a case interview?
A case interview is an interview format where we will give you a mock business situation and ask you to help us solve that challenge. BOND uses an interviewer-led case format, meaning that we will walk you through the essential elements of each case and ask for your responses to specific questions. 

What are we looking for?
In addition to the qualities outlined above, the case interview in particular allows us to gauge your skills as a potential consultant. These include your approach to solving problems, your communication style, and how you handle pressure. 

What do I need to know?
You do not need to have any background knowledge in business to be successful in the case interview. We are looking for a logical, structured thought process which does not require a sophisticated understanding of business. If at any point in the case you encounter a term that you are not familiar with, please ask us; this does not count against you, in fact, it shows that you are really thinking about the problem at hand. That being said, here are a few terms that come up frequently in the case interviews:

  • Revenues: The amount a company brings on from sales i.e. the firm brought in $8 million in tire sales.

  • Costs: The amount that is spent or given up in order to generate the revenue:

    • Fixed Cost: A cost that remains the same regardless of how many units are produced i.e. the factory's rent is $1 million regardless of how many tires are produced.

    • Variable Cost: A cost that is incurred on a per unit basis i.e. it takes $45 of rubber to make each tire.

  • Profit: The amount of money the company keeps after all costs are considered.

  • Profit Margin = (Total Profit) / (Total Revenues)

How should I prepare?
You don't really have to! The case interview format tests natural problem-solving ability so there is no need to prepare for it. Our best advice is to be confident and walk us through each step of your thought process. View the interview as a conversation with your interviewer, and you will succeed.