We recognize that every business is unique and no two problems are the same. We seek to tailor our solutions to the specific needs of our clients, making our impact tangible and complete. Let us help your organization reach the next level. For more information about our client services please contact our VP of Client Acquisition, Geet Antani, at geetja@umich.edu

Our Services

Technology Solutions

  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Tracking System
  • Google Analytics
  • Resource Allocation Decisions

Core Business Analysis

  • Cost Analysis
  • Competitor Profiling
  • Price Optimization
  • Operational Efficiency

New Business Development

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • New Product Launch
  • Supplemental Revenue Stream Analysis
  • Franchising Strategy

Advanced Analytics

  • Excel Macros
  • Python Scripting
  • Tableau Visualization
  • C++/Java Applets

Our Resources

Our Members

All of our members were selected through a highly competitive interviewing process ensuring that you are working only with the top-talent the University has to offer. As an all-undergraduate club, we seek members with diverse backgrounds and interests to provide you with fresh perspectives and unique insights. We pride ourselves on our ability to generate new ideas and synthesize information in new and unique ways. 

Our Classes

As a student-run organization, all of our members are embedded in the world class educational programs of the University of Michigan. With representation from all of the University's major colleges, our members are well-equipped to provide you with cutting-edge approaches to solve your most challenging problems.

Our Databases

As a Ross affiliated club we have access to over 101 professional databases, such as Bloomberg, IBIS World and Thomson-Reuters at no charge. These databases allow our consultants to make recommendations based on the most up to date industry research. 

Our Experiences

As the oldest undergraduate consulting club on campus, BOND has amassed a massive amount of institutional knowledge since our inception in 2005. As we have completed over 120 projects, we are able to proudly leverage our collective knowledge to maximize impact for your organization. 

Project Details


Our services are completely free of charge.  Our compensation is merely the experience we get by working with you.


Projects generally last one semester (12 weeks).


Throughout the project, you will have direct, 24/7 access to your project manager(s). In addition, all BOND projects are supervised by our most experienced members (our executive board and advisors), many of whom have experience at top-tier consulting firms and investment banks. These points of contact weave a safe and secure net for all our projects and ensure the integrity of our recommendations.  

Team and Project Structure

All teams are composed of 1-2 project managers and 4-5 consultants. The entire team will meet with you to present their findings at minimum twice throughout the semester. Further meetings with the team is at the discretion of you as well as the project managers. 


Each member in BOND operates under strict confidentiality agreements. We will never disclose the name of your company nor any personal information without your prior consent. Furthermore, we will not ask for any confidential information unless it is critical to the success of the project and your business.