We work with 4 clients every semester to address their toughest challenges. We carefully select our clients to ensure that we can drive significant impact while also developing our member’s skills. Here is a selection of some of our most recent projects.

Shelter Association of Washtenaw County


After recent budget cuts, the Homeless Shelter of Washtenaw County was forced to close down an entire level of the shelter. BOND was engaged to understand the key drivers of homelessness to help improve job opportunities and housing placement for individuals experiencing homelessness, and to increase the cost efficiency of the shelter.


We developed a unique program to allow ex-convicts to work in the food kitchen to gain skills necessary to work in the restaurant industry. We proposed a joint funding agreement with a local area hospital and provided cost cutting recommendations, enabling the shelter to reopen the 2nd floor. We developed a targeted donor program to increase donations by over $80,000, and identified the most impactful programs to direct future investment toward.

Goodwill Store.jpg

Our work

We worked with Goodwill to completely reexamine the way they move their merchandise around the state. Goodwill currently operates a fleet of aging trucks requiring significant maintenance. BOND analyzed the Goodwill’s logistics network and determined the best trucks to buy moving forward. BOND also developed a new route network to efficiently move items from warehouses to stores while minimizing the amount of driving to reduce labor and depreciation expenses.


“BOND had a larger impact on our business than the J.P. Morgan team we had in here last week” — Client Executive.

Our recommendations are expected to drive over $750,000 in cost savings over the next 10 years, with over $100,000 coming in the short-term. In addition, our route planning recommendations will reduce fuel emissions by 63%.


Our work

We worked with Plum Health, a social profit start-up, that works to provide a new health care subscription model to help serve underserved populations in Detroit. BOND was engaged to develop a strategy to enable sustainable growth to help increase health care access and allow for expansion to new locations.


We developed a growth strategy that will enable Plum to see 70% growth over the next year. We created a dynamic pricing model to reverse margin compression. In addition, our recommendations helped Plum open a second location and hire additional doctors and nurses, allowing a significant number of underserved populations in Detroit to receive affordable access to quality healthcare.

Children's Center Logo.png

Our work

The Towsley Children’s Center is an on-campus preschool which had seen a significant drop in profits after enrollment dropped with costs increasing. BOND was brought in to help several of the unprofitable locations to ensure that the Towsley could continue to serve the local populace.


We provided several recommendations that led to a $150,000 increase in profit in just one year. We developed a waitlist system that helped improve class enrollment, and developed new classes to increase student retention. We also identified and implemented cost reductions to return the location to profitability.