BOND boasts an impressive and active alumni network. Our underclassmen are paired with an alumni mentor during their first few semesters in the club to help them navigate their time at Michigan as well as their career search. 





My time in BOND stands out as being one of the most influential in my college career. The organization brings together the best talent to work on the most meaningful work, but what stands out about BOND is the environment of community. Being a small organization allows for deeper relationships, which will benefit you both in your time at U of M and far beyond.
— Simon Qin, Class of 2013; Current: MBA at Stanford; Previous: Rocketmiles, McKinsey & Company
Joining BOND was the best decision I made as an undergrad at the University of Michigan. Beyond facilitating skill development, BOND also provided me with an opportunity to create lifelong friendships with some of the brightest students attending the University of Michigan. I feel lucky to have been able to be a member of BOND and firmly believe it is unique in the opportunities it provides.
— Rishi Shah, Class of 2015; Current: The Boston Consulting Group
Being part of BOND was an incredible experience. I met two of my best friends through this organization, and I also developed invaluable business skills. The level of client impact, professional development, and networking opportunities I gained through BOND is unmatched. BOND definitely played an integral role in setting me up for professional success.
— Stephanie Chueh, Class of 2014; Current: Medidata Solutions; Previous: Accenture
BOND Consulting provides the unique opportunity to surround yourself with people that think in different ways. My most valuable takeaway was just this; on one project team, I got to work with a computer science, English, and engineering major, learning how each person problem solves to drive to a solution. In terms of career help, I created a network of case prep peers that helped me interview both junior and senior year.
— Mal Sridhar, Class of 2015; Current: CircleUp; Previous: McKinsey & Company
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While in BOND, we tested what we learned in class with real-world companies. I learned to approach a business’s problems logically, cooperatively, and creatively, and have leveraged and continued to build these skills since leaving Michigan. I had a great time working with and learning from some of the brightest students on campus and would highly recommend the experience to any student.
— Emily Carroll, Class of 2013; Current: Hellman & Friedman, Previous: The Boston Consulting Group
BOND single-handedly set me up for success after I graduated. My experience as a project manager helped me land an internship with Target, and that experience combined with my role as VP lead to me joining Deloitte Consulting after graduation. All of my professional success can be traced back to the experience I had at BOND and the lessons I learned.
— Andy Balan, Class of 2010; Current: Senior Product Manager at Grubhub; Previous: Founder of eSales Solutions, Deloitte, Amazon